Release jQuery Textarea Counter Version 2

Check out latest version 2 jTextareaCounter.

This version gives you more flexible display format config and call back function to get counter data.



  1. hi Roy,
    you have done an exelent work with the new version,

    is it possible to add a maxWord limiter?
    the same thing as character limiter?

    thanks a lot!

    1. Hi Philip,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Well, this question was raised at the first place when i started building this plugin. Yes, it can be done but different from character limitation functionality and complex scenarios with different events binding like input, drag&drop, and copay paste. This is the reason that I provided callback function and let user to provide their own extra functionality based on the return data like how many current words user input etc.

      I will keep thinking and probably will be in the next version. Welcome your any thoughts and ideas.


      1. thanks a lot Roy,

        i have implement your script into a wordpress theme i’m building to handle the seo meta tags,
        it’s working fine!!!

        you have done an excellent work,

        thanks a lot

  2. this script work only eng word, but counting Cyrillic words not working.
    try typing: Привет, как дела?
    the number of letters will be shown, but the number of words will remain at zero

      1. you are right. It will be a new feature for next version to support multiple languages other than single language. Thank you for your comments and really appreciate for that.

  3. This is exactly what I was looking for (I think!?)… but how do I implement it on a rails 3 ‘blog’ project?

  4. Hi Roy,
    is it possible to use it dynamic?
    Like use it on all elements having the maxlength attribute, even more than once on a page?
    I tried
    $(‘input[maxlength], textarea[maxlength]’).textareaCount({
    ‘maxCharacterSize’: $(this).attr(‘maxlength’),
    ‘originalStyle’: ‘originalDisplayInfo’,
    ‘warningStyle’: ‘warningDisplayInfo’,
    ‘warningNumber’: 40,
    ‘displayFormat’: ‘#input Zeichen | #left Zeichen übrig | #words Wörter’
    But it seems not to work this way

    1. Hi Daniel,

      Why can’t you use $(‘#domId’) to get that particular dom element rather than $(‘input[maxlength], textarea[maxlength]‘)?

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